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Who are we?

With over 15 years’ experience in the building and renovation sector we are leaders in building supervision in the Netherlands, having served hundreds of satisfied customers. We apply a proven method in achieving the most cost effective and efficient building process, executed through a national network of construction professionals.

B = building request
B = building application & requirements (‘bestek’)
A = contractor (‘aannemer’) selection & building supervision
N = aftercare (‘nazorg’)

Our team are specialists in various fiels:

  • Design and architecture
  • Planning applications
  • Cost calculation
  • Building specifications
  • Electrical, security and engineering installations

How we work:

The BBAN team, consisting of a national network of individuals each with their own area of expertise, manages your new build or renovation from concept to finalisation or, if you prefer, parts of the process. This means you have a dedicated and experienced team leading the project and ensuring it is executed in a time- and cost-efficient manner.

Our goal is to save you time and money!

We achieve this through our wide network of tried and proven architects, contractors and suppliers as well as taking on the time-consuming task of coordinating each step of the building process. This ensures a stress-free and cost effective process. Transparancy and clear lines of communication underpin everything we do.

Cost estimate of your project:

Based on your wishes and specifications we can provide a cost estimate of your project through our costcalculator tool. This provides an indication of cost based on historical data. For a more specific breakdown, please contact us for a free initial conversation.

Building request: from concept to planning application

A solid start to any process is the foundation of a successful build. Throughout this process we can assist with design, technical drawing and calculation. We are knowledgeable in the planning application process and can ensure this is done in an efficient manner in accordance with local laws.

Your ideas and wishes are summarised in the Program Requirements (“Programma van Eisen”) which translates your vision into a clear list of your specific needs and demands:

Building application & Building Requirements:

If required, we will provide the necessary documents to apply for a permit. For smaller builds (for example a small garden shed, dormer window etc this is not needed in most cases). The Building Requirements document forms the detailed, technical basis for communicating your requirements to contractors and sub-contractors and means that there are no additional costs involved during the build.

By signing this document the contractor is committed to executing the build to the standards and specifications outlined as well as the general conditions such as guarantees ,payment conditions and insurance.

For builds that require planning permission BBAN will submit all necessary documents and provide professional guidance in case any issues arise with the local council.

Contractor selection & Building supervision:

Choose the right contractor and save up to 20%

Chosing the right contractor to execute your project is an essential part of the process. You want to ensure the build is done to the right standard and specification and at the agreed price and timing. With our indepth experience in this area we are in a position to help secure the best contractor for your build, often saving you up to 20%. As we are an independent group with no contractor affiliations we are able to pass on any savings directly to you.

We assist in the selection, quote request and quote comparison process so that you are comparing ‘apples to apples’. This saves you having to communicate, follow-up with contractors, sub-contrators and suppliers and ensures clear and transparent agreements are made.

During the building process our network of structural engineers provide daily support and oversight. Their technical expertise and knowledge of the process facilitates a hassle-free renovation.


The BBAN is your building partner in all phases of the build and we strive to achieve your wishes and requirements. Because there are multiple parties involved in any build, miscommunication can sometimes lead to mistakes. Your BBAN project manager will follow through and help rectify any issues that may arise during and after project completion. We are firmly committed to a professional and thorough response in any situation.

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